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Actively managing indirect tax

Small companies may be sufficiently supported in indirect tax matters by engaging with an accountant or local tax advisor. On the other hand, mid size and bigger companies with international business and more complex structures require tax compliant processes to minimise the tax burden and related risks. Specifically, on expansion to new markets as well as restructuring and M&A activities those processes need quick and correct adjustments to comply with tax regulations and maintain risk and cost control. We assist our clients in building and managing effective and efficient processes to comply with indirect tax regulations.

Setup of ITX function or restructuring

Analysis of business processes and their impact on indirect taxes allows to determine the ideal structure of the indirect tax function. We evaluate the optimal ratio between inhouse expertise and outsourced activities with relevant management structures and adequate cost. Supporting systems enabling a maximum level of automation and an attentive, learning organisation warrant the efficient operation of the function.

Managing the compliance process

We support existing ITX Teams on market expansions, supply chain changes, tax audits, restructurings, etc. or help if resources are temporarily stretched. We also offer fiscal representation in Switzerland for VAT (MWST) registrations of non-established entities. We register the company and take care of all Swiss VAT matters. Please don’t hesitate to ask for a quote.

Increased productivity - VAT Center of Excellence

Organisations with centralised functions and processes may consider creating a “VAT Center of Excellence” to increase productivity of the compliance process and related business processes. With a maximum level of automation and robust controlling procedures the function minimises cost and risks. We’re specialised in the design and implementation of centralised VAT structures. More information on LinkedIn


Efficient compliance processes for MWST, USt, VAT, Intrastat, ESL, etc.

Training &


Tailor made trainings on indirect tax matters (MWST, VAT, GST) including practical application of day to day routines to meet legal requirements; Support of management on implementation of effective compliance management systems (Processes, organisational structures, documentation) for indirect tax
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Tax Effective Supply Chain Management Management systems for effective indirect tax management in complex global supply chain structures; minimising tax losses and maximising tax recovery rates

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